Tantra Spiritual Class


Tantra is an ancient science of realising the self . Realising oneself unleashes untold potential locked within the mind. This potential can then be used for achieving worldly success. But this mundane success is only a secondary goal of tantra. The primary and ultimate goal of tantra is complete realisation of self. The ultimate reality is that this universe including each one of us is one with the supreme consciousness. This cannot be learned but can only be experienced. The experience is one of eternal and unparalleled bliss. It is achieving this state, the state of unparalleled eternal bliss, that is the supreme objective of Tantra.

Tantra strives to achieve these twin goals through its own characteristic methods which incorporate physical and mental exercises, learning and application of that learning into practice. Then it proceeds to ways and means that are secret and will be taught only to those formally initiated. We at SITH have a structured approach to a spiritual beginner who wants to explore the way of the tantra. He or she will first be taught the basics of tantric philosophy and world-view along with basic techniques of medication. Panchakshari will be mandatory along with other kinds of Japa and meditations personalised for the individual seeker. Beyond a point, the learning and teaching may not be possible entirely through online, and the seeker may be asked to visit the acharya for a one day or three day retreat. After a period of atleast six months the seeker, should he so wish, will be examined by the acharya and if found fit will be imparted deeksha, whence on pedagogy becomes secretive. The material itself will be free of cost, but incidental expenses will have to borne by the seeker