A Peek into Heritage

”This Facebook page is the consummation of about six years of committed contemplation. We have witnessed a recent trend of maligning and disparaging tantric ways indulged by a few pea-brained people. Unfortunately, this trend found some pseudo validation in the hands of a few self-styled ‘tantrics’. It is the debate and discussion around these debilitating trends that spurred the resolve to present a forum -a research centre- for the scientific and systematic learning of Tantra, Veda, Vedanta, and Astrology steeped in the age-old Indian tradition.

We will soon share information on this centre that would also focus on the observance and practice of Indian rites and rituals as well as the revival of such martial art forms as ‘kalari’. The first Tantric Kaula Ashram is taking shape in Palakkad. The scope envisages installation of ‘Maha Meru’, Tantric Yága Sála, and an idol of Sri Lalitambika installed on a base of Sri Chakra imbued with ‘Manidweepa’ sankalpa and adorned with fifty-four ‘Saktipeetha’ and ‘Dwadasa Rudra’ sankalpas, signifying a Hindu temple revival.

The Ashram will also provide for education of Hindu children from low income families, a hospital, home for destitutes, counseling group, and child education focused on personality development.With the installation of Annapurneswari, there will be daily ‘annadanam’.


Facility will be accorded to seekers (sadhak) to practice chanting and meditation and hone their skills for the benefit of the society while doing seva at the Ashram.   ‘Gurukula’ system education will also be instituted with the consent of parents. Education and research will be fully subsidized by the Ashram.   The timeframe for the construction and completion of this Ashram is from 2018 to 2020. This will open the portal for anyone desiring to practice ‘Sanatana Dharma’, with no gender distinction.   This is an earnest attempt by a group of seekers to revive and re-establish the true heritage of India.   Registered as a charitable trust in Kozhikode, the development of this well-intentioned endeavor will gain the much-needed muscle if you are willing to offer your unstinted assistance and support.