Dasha Mahavidya_05 Tripurabhairavi

The name Tripura Bhairavi means "Tripuram" which means three worlds or the whole universe. Also known as Tripura Bhairavi. "Tri" means “three” “puram" refers to a fort, town, city or town. Tripura in three letters refers:- ”Trimurthy Satwaccha purobhavatwath Thrayimaya Twatcha puraiva Devya Laye Trailokyapi poorakatwathu Prayombikaay tripurathi nama” Three worlds, Trimurthy, three puras, according to the principle of three, she is the master of all three. There are different stages; Active, dreamy and sleepy. In the form of all three; reaching Brahmam from the Trinity. In other words, the grace of Bhairavi can be understood as Siva consciousness. Hence Bhairavi is also known as Tripura Bhairavi. From the Devi Mahatmya meditation slogas describes the form of Bhairavi. One of the four arms of Bhairavi sitting on a lotus has a book, a pearl beaded Japamala (chanting mala), an abhaya mudra and a varada mudra. Wearing red dresses in another look, She also wears a garland made of human heads (Mund Mala).  She has three eyes. Her head is covered with crescent moon. In another embodiment, she is shown with a sword, a cup of blood and two other arms, the Abhaya mudra and the Varada mudra. It is depicted next to Shiva standing in front of the Tantric worship. She is depicted as a queen who resembles Raja Rajeswari. Tripura Bhairavi resides in the Mooladhara Chakra. Her mantra consists of three letters. In the middle of the origin cycle, they all form an inverse triangle. The Muladhara Chakra is designed in the form of Kama. It consists of three parts of an inverted triangle, all of which are born in the Trinity and ultimately lead to the creation of the universe. The innermost triangle in the Muladhara chakra is called Kamarupa. The three points of the triangle are three beeja-letters (sacred letters), and the three spirals are interconnected. On the sides of the triangle, each of these sides represents unity, wisdom, action, or divine power, divine knowledge, and divine action. It is very closely associated with Tripura Sundari and Tripura Bhairavi. But both are different. Tripura Bhairavi gives proportional energy and Tripura Sundari renews this energy and transmits energy from chakras to Sahasrara chakra. Bhairavi controls the changes in the universe. In the Narada Pancharatra it is said that the Tripura Sundari rose from her shadow itself. Mahavidya represents the great world. Kali represents destruction. Tripura represents the beautiful creation. Bhubaneswari symbolizes the physical universe. Kamala represents prosperity and evolution. The great worlds show the various processes that take place in the universe. Bhairavi represents knowledge and civilization in this trajectory of creation and destruction. Humanity in the universe refers to human progress and detailed study. Human progress and detailed study, Bhairavi is called Tripura Sundari's charioteer.