What is Chandi Homaand why is it performed?

Chandi homa is a sacred fire ritual dedicated to Goddess Chandi – the fierce form of Godess Shakti. The chandi homa is considered as the ultimate homa for Devi. This homam has powers to change a human’s life and neutralise adverse planetary constellations in a horoscope. It eliminates all the energies to ensure a grand success in life.

Who is Goddess Chandi? Chandi is the combined form of Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Durga – the ferocious form of Parvathi.Godess Chandi is an embodiment of power and all the divine forces, who protects you from evil forces and perfects your mind, body and soul. Benefits of performing Nava Chandi Homam *Shapa vimukti (neutralise the ill effects of curses), negative energies are removed from this homam * Propitiates the blessings of the Devi for those who are searching for a job. Sankalpa of homa will help them get a good job with good income.

* Those who are performing this homa will get peace of mind * Overcome fear and threat of enemies * It helps to overcome health issues in an effective manner Steps followed in performing Nava Chandi Homam * Durga Sapthashati will be chanted *acharyavarana

*sankalpa *Dhwajarohana *vasthu pooja *navagraha homa *ashta dikpala bali *kalasha sthapana * Ganapathy Pooja *maha sankalpa *aavarana pooja *yaga *ahuthi *vishesha mantrahuti *poornahuti *bali *vaduka bhiarava pooja * suvasini Pooja * go pooja *ashwa pooja *gaja pooja *kula shakthi pooja *veerayogini pooja *navakanya pooja *Mahaa poornahuti * Sumangala Dravyahuti (Saree, Turmeric, Sandalwood powder, Kumkum are offered to the Goddess invoked in the fire) *Purnaahuti *Mahadeeparadhana