Manonmani Balatripurasundari

Manonmani the yogic deity. She was mystic and kundalini inside the mooladhara. She was worshipped by yoga bAlA mantrA and she also had her individual 16 akshara mantrA. She has special panchamAvarana kramA and purascharana practice. She was the the unmani state of manas. She and shivA was inseperable. She was shiva shakthi aikya roopA in the sahasrArA. The coiled serpent, kAli/ sundari/ Bhairavi ( BAlA) coiled in the moolAdhAra chakra of the person. She will be in the dormant state. Due to the self realisation, japa/ tapa with the disciplined, rahasya upasanA, shedding the ahamkArA, kAmA, lobhA, mohA,lobA, madhA and mAthsaryA, the kundalini will spin and arise towards the upperpath of the spine. She breaks the brahmagranthi in the moolAdhAra, it consists of two lobes and at that time the sAdhak feels very light and energised with enthusiasm. In manipoorA, she breaks vishnugranthi ,has two lobes and while she reaches aagnyA chakrA she breaks rudragranthi , it consists of two lobes and she reaches sahasrArA it she will be delighted in the sudhA sAharA and she make aikya roopA with shivA and she becomes poornA. For sahasrArA, there will be all coloured spectrum united to form the shri shivA shivashakthyaikkya roopini lalithambika. Why Ganapathi, BAlA first? Ganapathi was the base, he was in the moolAdhAra, he will stabilise the moolAdhAra chakrA with his blessings. His beejA will make the sAdhaka to bear the positives and negatives of upcoming higher levels of devi upAsanA. Ganapathi mantra increases the prAnashakthi intake towards moolAdhAra. And his worshipping time was early morning. On that time the surroundings will be filled by fresh and nascent oxygen, there was more difference between nascent and molecular oxygen. This in considerable inhalation leada to the strengthening of moolAdhAra chakrA and it reduces the pcods and increses the blood count and makes the sAdhak to blaze with brahma thejas. If one doesn't does ganapathi and they initiate directly towards higher mantrAs like panchadhasi or Shodashi, MahAvidhyAs, definitely he/ she could suffer mental illness and problems in heat, sudden happiness and sadness. One can argue that ambha grace will protect me and how dare you can say like this? My simple answer BeejAksharAs has it's own positives as well as negatives. Most of today fake gurus says or from net blogs say that beejas only have positivity. For example prolonged exposure or recitation of kAmarAja beejA leads to increased in the thejas and vaseekaranA, at the same time it increases the sexual urge if no protocols followed. Ganapathi should be recited as per Guru instructions and regular recitation to be done. Ambha grace always protect you but you should bound towards the positives and negatives of beejAs since you recited right. For every action there will be equal and opposite reaction. Only a sathguru knows how to pacify the negatives of the beejAs. So only Guru was must. BAlA, the shatchakrasanchArineem, she was residing on every chakrAs and supports them to bear the shakthi of other mantrAs. If BAlA doesn't recited or recited by improper guidance and practices other mahavidhyas or Vidhyas, kundalini jAgran takes place and stucks to chakrAs other than moolAdhAra. It will makes heat extreme, anger, problems in life or shock variations in attitudes and life situation. BAlA mantras nowadays become like a accessible thing everywhere. Simply reciting by seeing and leaving as per your wish?! She was jaganmatha. Every srikula and kalikula and even in different kramA followers, BAlA will be base, One cannot access the shakthi by reciting the kootAs, by showing your japa parAkramA to others, stability and determination needed. Deeksha for money and workshops for fifteen days ? Does RM or Rs 6000 was the worth of the deity? If you provide that amount quoted they will show and make the anugraha deity on you? In fifteen days they can make you expertise? It's not srividhya it's mean business. Srividhya parampara always have guru, sishyA and devi as trikona relationship. After deeksha, u are someone and i m someone? Is that a guru sishyA relationship?. Some self proclaimed gurus were like relationship with benefits, they will give deeksha if you give what they needed? Is that a mahavidhya or something else? So only rudhra shApA, rishi shApA etc were there. You can sell mantrAs to them, but only an authenticated SadhGuru will have the shApavimochanA procedures and mantras. Without that your sAdhanA will be mere procedures. But Ambha will show a good way for her son if he had the prApthA to get the original one. Because she was avyAjakarunAmoorthi. Don't text me about the mantras, paddhathi mentioned in above description. Refer Guru guidance as mentioned in parasurama kalpasutra. Everyone can play hide and seek infront of public, but the BhavAni in the hrudhkamalA knows what we are doing!