HAmSa MaNTra

This is about kaarana avastha, to feel the higher level wisdom at this moment itself, (Hamsa mantra thathvaartha) The Casual state (karana Avastha) This is a state of ideas and thoughts concerning creation of the cosmos by the Lord, As paramatman Thinks of creating this universe he sets in to motion, in his consciousness. A Process or phenomena, which the Vedas refer to as prana_s meaning life currents Due to the vibration of the pranic currents the "ham...sa" Sounds originate and the Lord appears to say, I am prana and prana is myself" Thus as a result of this thought process, the mind, intellect, ego etc..come into imaginary existence of the Lord as ideas with the pranic currents embracing every activity.Now the various concepts of the living and non living objects of cosmic creation as patterned combined in various proportions by the law of the three gunas(characteristics) are formed. These remain in the Lord as latent crystallized ideas or fabric which get implemented in the subsequent stage of subtler manifestation of the cosmos.However during all these activities, the Lord continues to chant his "ham...sa" In all his creatures like animals, human beings who ever breathing. Meaning of "Hamsa" is " I am That and That is Me" " I am the Prana and prana is Myself" "I am the mind and the mind is Myself" and so on In every atom of his creation. Therefore the Lord is playing in all these things in the form of the "HAMSA" Mantra.