Chandika upasana

chandikOpAsanA ashvamEdhO sahasrAnI vAjapEya shatAni ca/ chandikAbhyarchanAshaitE laksham senAbhi nO samA// Even if one has commenced thousands of ashvamEdha yagnAs and hundreds of vAjapEya yagnas, the merit accrued from these sacrifices can never match with the virtue of chandikArchana. One easily obtains the merits of agnIshtOma yagnA by worshiping chandikA with sandal. If one worships the goddess with saffron, he is blessed with benefit of donating 1000 cows (gO dhAna). Worshiping bhagavati chandikA on asvina shukla navami blesses one with the merit of thousand of ashvamEdhA & rAjasuyA yagnA. The sins of a person who performs dhArAbishekha with milk in the month of asvina will be absolved by the grace of the goddess. One who worships chandikA with nIlOtpala flowers will have his desires fulfilled. Even Adi Shesha who has a thousand mouths/heads cannot adequately describe the amount of punya phala accrued by a sAdhAkA who worships chandikA on a daily basis.