navarAtrOtsava & non-initiates Being a non-initiate doesn't prevent one from worshiping the divine mother. By all means we can worship the goddess to the best of our knowledge and capacity. One may invoke the goddess in a kalasha, dIpa, picture, pratima or even in a sAlagrAma and worship her at dawn and dusk. Recitation of ashtotra sata nAmAvali and other nAmAvalis can be done as part of their daily worship. One may recite the devi mAhAtmya as a puranic stuti by omitting the navArna japA and nyAsas if he is proficient in reciting sanskrit verses without errors. At the end of archana and stuti , offerings of neivedya as per one's capacity shall be offered to the deity and later partake them as prasad. One should also worship and feed the suvAsinis and kAnyas and honor them with gifts and tAmbUla. Revering kanyAs and suvAsinis during dEvI pujA attracts the grace of the goddess without fail. At the same time if a vidavA strI ( widow) is also present during the pujA, one should take all measures in not hurting their feelings and they too should be fed and given prasAds without any discrimination. One should always remember that all forms of women are the manifestations of dEvI ( "striya samasta sakala jagatsu"). dEvi is said to be present in the form of suvAsini and kanyA to receive the worship and bless the aspirant. All the shortcomings in rituals/ upAsanA are absolved by worshiping suvAsinis and kanyAs. No dEvI worship if complete without worshiping them. ???? ???? ???????, ???? ?????? ????? (Where, women is worshiped, there gods even dwells and moves. Worship with faith and love, the Goddess will shower Her grace without any delay. Jaya Jaya ChandikA