Ekam sat vipra

??? ????????? ????? ?????? ekaM sadviprA bahudhA vadanti “Truth is One, though the Sages know it as Many." The formless brahman is venerated by all darshanAs in different form and names. For the saivAs it is known as parashiva, for the shAktas as dEvI, vaishnavas sees the supreme as nArAyanA, gAnapatyAs have swAnandhEshA and for a shrI vidyOpAsakA it is lalitA. For each darshanA, their primary deity is held to be the Supreme Truth and that Truth is second to none. PurAnAs/tantrAs/AgamAs devoted to a particular deity will glorify the deity to be the supreme most and is not dependent on any other force. Who would want to worship a deity who is subservient to another higher force? They would rather revere the higher force to achieve their goals then worshiping the subservient deities. In that way, purAnAs etc do have stories that glorify a form of deity as superior to the other forms. Most of them are contradictory with the version of story told by the scriptures related to the other forms to state the supremacy of the sect’s deity. For instance, the vaishnava scriptures would narrate a story, the same story would have been told in a different way in the shaivite lore to show the supremacy of shiva over vishnu. This again would have been told in a different way in shAktAgamas to state that dEvI is behind the scenes and the mudgala purana would say it was through the grace of svAnandeshA that devi could succeed in the scene. One should learn the art of studying the scriptures through a learned preceptor (Guru) without discrimination. One should stop comparing his darshanA with another and indulge in unwanted debates. For shrI vidyOpAsakA, lalitA is second to none and whatever related to this concept is right for them. For a gAnapatyA, whatever is written in ganesha purana etc is right for them. Each and every form is brahman and nothing else and when people fail to realize this and indulge in unwanted debates to show that one’s believe/ practice is superior to the other, that’s when the problem arises. One should have the maturity to realize that it’s his chosen deity is in the form of parashiva for shaivAs, lalitA for shrIvidyOpAsakAs, swAnandeshA for gAnapatyAs and Vishnu among vaishnavAs.