' Gurureva jagat sarvam tasmai sree guruve namah'

Our ancient great guru's have practised Tantra sastra based on Indian Sanatana dharma As per Tantra sastra,

' Kulam gotram samakhyatam tacca sakti sivotbhavam '

For the tantrik,Maheswara who is the supreme Lord is the kula and gotra ( caste & sect) . According to the Kaula tradition, it originated from Lord Shiva who created 64 Tantras and hence 64 tantrik scriptures formed the foundation of Kaula tradition. In the modern age,when the human life is lived meaningless without grasping one's own genetic traits, Tantra or Kaula marga presents a profound culture of transcending human consiousness to divine by colluding karma kanda and jnana kanda (action & wisdom)

The Kaula tradition originated from Aadinath Aananda bhairav. Once when Aananda bhairav and bhairavi were engaged in intimacy by a river bank, bhairavi requests Him to reveal the secrets of ' purusha- prakriti ' and cosmos and as he expounds the wisdom, a fish in the river listening to the conversation got converted into a Rishi named Matsyendranath. Gorakshanandanath is his disciple. ' Machi muni, Meenanda nath who are among the 18 Tamil sidhas refer to Matsyendranath while ' korakher ' refers to Gorakshanandanath.

Through Gorakshanandanath the secrets of Tantra sastra were revealed to humanity and through him evolved different traditions of Tantra. All these traditions were categorised under five divisions namely Kaulam,Vamam, Sidhanta, Shaivam,Dakshinam of which Vama is the superior which is the karma kanda leading to kaula, the Jnana kanda.Through Vama, the intrinsic tendencies (vasanas) of humans are eliminated uplifting him to yogic path of Kaula.

Guru is not a person who just gives a mantra diksha or a person who performs miracles, or just a mere person having an ashram with several disciples. Guru is a person who has a burning fire inside him/her - the fire of moksham, the thirst of moksham. That fire when approached by other people, would automatically ignite him/her. As per the Sastra vaakhyaa;

Pradheeptha shiraha jala aashrayeshu - a person runs in search of water, only when his head is in fire. i.e. the fire here is the thirst/longing of Moksham / salvation / Liberation and the water is Moksham itself.

Such is the illustrious guru who is 4th in the lineage of the Sri Guhananda Mandali. Born in the auspicious month of purattaasi (Sharadh rithu) on a sukla paksha, sashti thithi, jyeshta nakshatra day, during the 6h day of Navarathri Hevilambi tamil year 1957 to very staunch parents (Sri. S. Seshadrinathan & Smt. S. Rajamani Ammal) who themselves who had been initiated into Sri Vidhya Diksha. She was named Saradhambal as She was born on the day of Sasarwathi avahanam. She was initiated in the divine lineage of Sri Vidhya during the tamizh New year day - Chaithra Vishu day in the year 1979 and ascended the sacred Guru peetam of Sri Guhananda Mandali in the year 1983. Her Guru Sri Purnanadanathar (BrahmaSri Vekankata Narasiahya) was Himself a Great Sri Vidhya Upasakaa.

All this started when Sri Purnanadanathar (Pradhaana Sishya of Sri Chidanandanathar) was consulted by Saradhambal's father (Sri. S. Seshadrinathan) for her marriage in the year 1974. After seeing Her horoscope, Sri poornanandanathar was stunned to see the lines and stars as seen in His Guru - Sri Chidanandanathar's horoscope. Remembering the words that BrahmaSri Chidanandanathar would himself be born again by His own wish, Sri Poornanandanathar understood that Smt. Premambha was none other than the Maansa puthri of Sri Chidanandanathar.

Smt. Saradammbal was initiated into the divine Moksha Vidhya - Sri Vidhya Upasana. From that day onwards, She had held the surrenderness to Her Guru (BrahmaSri Poornanandanathar) in complete austerity. She served Her Guru for nearly 15 years in service with dedication her entire life in the service for Him. Owing to Her Guru bakthi, She was blessed with the title "Maha Yogini" by her own Guru and also by H.H Sri Kanchi Paramacharya, H.H Sri Sringeri Sannidhanam, which is a rare gift for anyone in this world.

Smt. Saradammbal had been carrying out the life of a ascetic yogi, who lives entirely for the welfare of mankind, following the path as shown by Her Guru Sri Poornanandanathar. For the past 35 years, She had been doing Nithya Navavarna pujas as per the padhathi laid down by Sri Sri "SIR" Chidanandanathar. Also she had initiated more than 100s of eligible Sanatins into the Sacred Sri Vidhya Upasana and granting peetadhikaaram. She had also taught the secrets of Sri Vidhya Upasana to many stalwarts of this generation. It was in the practise of Sri Chidanandanathar and Sri Poornanandanathar to conduct Homams and rituals for the welfare of people suffering from various issues.

Similar to them Smt. Saradammbal also conducts weekly / monthly Homams for the welfare of mankind and the needy.

Realising and making the dream of Her Guru come true, Smt. Saradammbal had built a temple of Sri Pancha-Mukha- Herambha Ganapathi With Sakthi sahitha Dhakshinamoorthy and Vishnu Durga sannidhis. She intends to start a Tantrik Research centre to train disciples and to spred kaula sastra and indian great ancestry through them and is getting prepared for that.